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Why is the Water Pressure Low in my House?

Posted on: June 22nd, 2018 by admin

One of the problems that homeowners could experience in their plumbing is low water pressure. This kind of concern could range from simple fix to a serious problem that needs the expertise of the professionals. If you are lucky enough to deal with it on your own, then you could eliminate the expense of letting the experts deal with it. But, if simple fixes does not work, do not hesitate to call a professional plumber.

Low water pressure at home is a big inconvenience especially in times where water is very much needed like early in the morning. This is why you need to deal with it fast. When one or two faucets in your home experience low water pressure, it would not be that hard to deal with the problem. Getting these faucets fixed or reinstalled could easily fix the problem.

However, when low water pressure is experienced all over your property, it is a bigger issue. The first thing that you could do is to locate the cause of the low pressure in water.

Examine Water Meter

The first thing that you could check is your water meter. Often times after a repair you made, where water supply is cut-off you might have failed to turn the water back fully. When maintenance is done in your plumbing system, most likely the water supply is turned off. Always make sure that after it’s done, turn back the water supply all the way so that water could freely go to your property.

Check the Principal shutoff valve

Another part of the system that has to be checked is the principal shutoff valve. Make sure that it is opened all the way. There are times that due to confusion, homeowners turn it off instead of turning it on. See to it that it is turned on properly for water to continuously flow into your home.

Examine Pressure Regulator

You need to see your pressure regulator if it is working properly. If it fails, this kind of problem is something that should be handled by an expert. If ever you have a plumbing experience, you could try dealing with this problem by changing your pressure regulator on your own. However, it is still best that you for the service of professional and licensed plumbers.


When you have an aging home, it is ideal that you go for repiping service. Repairs in old pipes are not anymore a good option since it is bound to fail. Better choose a long term solution to the problem. Since repiping is a big project, make sure that it is done by experienced plumbers.

If you need someone to deal with water pressure issues in your home, call Orange County Plumbing. It would be our pleasure to help.

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