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How to Troubleshoot a Water Leak in Your Front Yard

Posted on: March 23rd, 2018 by admin

Every time you find a water leak, it should not be something to ignore although it may be a minor issue. For a building either house or apartment, a water leak is a serious problem as it can lead to other damages to the house that requires thousands of dollars for reparation. When you suspect a water leak happening, the first thing to do is to find the source. Only then, you can continue fixing the problem. Usually, there are three common places for a water leak to happen, the sewer line, irrigation system, and main water line.

Water Leak in Sewer Line

Municipal sewer system of septic tank is the final where all the drains lead into like toilets and sinks. In other words, sewer line is known as line responsible to dispose of the wastewater. When water leaks happen in sewer line, the common signs include obvious stench of sewage which is accompanied by lush and green grass along with rats that come to exist in the sewer line due to sewage smell. Before you call the professional plumber to fix the problem, it’s better to do a quick test.

To start the test, get a dye like clothing or food dye and pour a few of it to the flush or toilet several times. You will notice water leak when the dye shows up in the yard where the sewer line is located. Then, continue by fixing the problem.

water leak

Water Leak in Main Water Line

Some people are unfamiliar with the main water line and don’t know what exactly it is. It basically is the line running underground into the house entry point from the water meter. It is another common location of the water leak. The signs of the water leak in main water line include water surfacing in the yard and water bill that is higher than normal. To test if there really is the water leak in this line, do this following test.

First of all, you should find the location of the shut-off valve in the house. Usually, it is found outside wall, in the basement or in the utility area. Secondly, turn off the valve to cut the water. Thirdly, find the water meter. It may be on the ground outside of the house or near the driveway. Lastly, open the water meter and read it to find any leak. Make sure to know how to read it because there are two types of the water meter, the analog, and digital meter.

Water Leak in Irrigation System

Here is another common location of the water leak. What irrigation system refers to is the sprinkler system located in the yard with the main line to feed the water. The signs of water leak may include water spurts between the sprinklers or in the spaces to be particular and flooding around the sprinkler head’s base. What you need to test the water leak is following. First of all, you should turn off the water shut-off valve and make sure that no devices using water are in use. Then, find and read the water meter to find any leaks.

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