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Top Ten Myths about Plumbing

Posted on: October 8th, 2013 by admin

Many homeowners don’t understand the complexity of the plumbing system of their home. This can lead to causing damage to your system when you consider myths about plumbing to be facts. Here are the top ten myths about plumbing. 1. Citrus fruits make a great cleaner for my garbage disposal and drains While citrus fruits taste and smell great, they are very acidic. If you attempt to use quantities of citrus fruits as a cleaner or deodorizer for your plumbing, you put the system at risk of rust or corrosion. This can cause a great deal of damage to metal piping. 2. Soapy water can effectively clean pipes Soap is designed for cleaning bodies not pipes. The foam from soapy water can actually accumulate in the pipes and cause peeling and corrosion. 3. You can put all food down the disposal Garbage disposals are not indestructible. Although they are made from metal, they have a number of complex moving parts and mechanisms which can break. Taking care with what foods you put into your disposal can minimize clogging and extend the lifespan of the equipment. You should never put oil or cooking grease in the disposal or down the sink; this can harden and congeal, creating a blockage in the future. Bones, soft foods such as pasta or cooked vegetables can also be harmful to the disposal and plumbing system. 4. You only need a plumber if you have a blockage or serious problem Many people wouldn’t consider driving their vehicle if it wasn’t regularly serviced and the same benefit can be felt with annual or six monthly servicing for your plumbing. This service can detect any potential problems which are developing and resolve them without waiting for it to become a serious problem with a large repair cost. 5. Chemical drain cleaners are the best method of dealing with clogs Chemical cleaners contain a number of nasty toxins and are usually expensive and ineffective. A far more effective method is to run hot water into the clogged drain, use a plunger or try vinegar and baking soda. If these methods don’t resolve the issue, you may need professional assistance. 6. You can’t prevent clogging There are a number of simple precautions homeowners can take to prevent clogging. Clogs in bathroom drains are usually caused by a build-up of scum created from grease, soap and hair. Try to avoid letting hair go down the drain and run hot water regularly down the drain to decrease the risk of clogging. 7. Bouts of low water pressure is normal Low water pressure can in fact be caused by a water leak in one of the pipes in the wall or floor of your home. If you notice low water pressure together with wet spots, higher water bills, cracking of paint or drywall then you should consult a professional for leak detection. 8. In tank cleaners remove the need to clean the toilet While in tank toilet cleaners contain bleach, this does not always keep all the bacteria controlled. It is still a good idea to regularly clean your toilet using a toilet brush and vinegar or toilet cleaner. 9. Plumbing issues can be fixed easily without a professional While many plumbing issues can be relatively easy to fix, it is important that you understand how the plumbing system of your home works. There are a variety of books, courses and manuals which show a step by step approach to fixing some common problems but you should always consult a professional for complicated issues which are beyond your understanding. 10. All plumbers are the same Plumbing services can vary a great deal. They can vary in quality of service, price and expertise. When selecting a plumber, don’t be tempted to just opt for the cheapest, look for a reputable and qualified plumber who offers a great service. This may cost a little more in the short term but will provide you with additional reassurance in the event of a further problem. If you are interested in learning more or require help with any aspect of your home’s plumbing, contact us. We would be happy to answer questions or assist you in any way.

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