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Tips to Help You Choose Your New Bathroom Suite

Posted on: December 16th, 2013 by admin

Ice makers have become a popular device or as a component on appliances in many homes. They are a great feature which allows you to constantly have a supply of ice on hand but as with any appliance feature there is the possibility of malfunction. You may not even notice the signs of a problem but if you notice water pooled on the floor or no ice ready in the tray, you may have a compromised water line.

A great number of homeowners have experienced the damage which can be caused by water damage from this inconspicuous water source. Many people assume that the potential for damage from these small water lines is only small, but there are two main circumstances in which the line can be compromised; a slow small leak or a steady stream.

The slow small leak can actually provide the greater source of concern. Steady stream leaks are usually obvious quite quickly, but slow leaks could potentially have been an issue for a while before you notice the problem. This could have compromised the sanitation and cleanliness of your kitchen and created the ideal conditions for a microbial growth to flourish promoting more severe underlying damage.

In either form of leak, many homeowners will commonly underestimate the extent of the damage and inherent risks to health which arise from removing this potentially hazardous and contaminated water. This underestimation fuels a belief that clean-up is easy and can be tackled by themselves. This DIY mentality is honorable and the mainstay of the psyche in many homeowners. However, a lack of knowledge can be extremely detrimental in cases of restoring water damage.

It can be fairly straight forward for anyone to hire the equipment needed to remove excess water. However, there are no guarantees about the performance of this equipment and it is unlikely to be of the same specification of professional level equipment.  The success of a DIY clean-up can be further compromised by the complications of water clean-up itself. Many people have made the mistake of finishing their clean up when the affected area seems to feel dry, not realizing that there is water still trapped within the walls or floorboards.

There are a great many companies who offer professional restoration services for water damage. These companies have the knowledge, skills and equipment to restore your home according to the guidelines and specifications of the industry. However, this potentially costly step can be avoided with water line maintenance, which can significantly reduce the risk of malfunction.

A proper water line maintenance routine can assess the line for any signs of wear or damage which can compromise the functionality of the line. It can also detect any clogs which could potentially cause a blockage which would result in flooding.

It is important to follow the guidelines highlighted in your manufacturer instructions for your specific appliance. This can include regular cleaning of filters and flushing of lines to optimize the performance of your ice making device. If you do notice signs of water puddles or your device has stopped making ice, it is important to check the source of the problem as quickly as possible to minimize potential damage. Ignoring these small signs could allow the problem to remain uncorrected for longer, which will create a bigger clean up and greater damage to occur.

If you are interested in learning more about ice water lines, contact us. We offer experienced and expertise plumbing services including water line maintenance. We would be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have to reduce the risk of water damage occurring in your home.

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