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Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Posted on: April 11th, 2018 by admin

If you are considering remodeling aspects of your home, you may have been hesitant to change anything about a small bathroom space, as you thought your options were very limited. However, although smaller bathrooms may not be a lavish and extravagant space, with a little careful thought and planning you can remodel your smaller bathroom to improve the space.

Plan the Space

The first step to a successful remodel is to create a floor plan. This will allow you to explore the usable space of the room. Try to focus on aspects where you can save space, such as cabinets which are free floating, or effects which will create a more spacious appearance such as the use of mirrors

Consider Smaller Fixtures

There are a number of fixtures available which have been designed to optimize space. Corner sinks lack counter or cabinet space but they are usually small and simple to free up usable space. You could also look at the suitability of wall mounted sinks which can also save space.

Choose More Streamline Designs

There are also a number of fixtures which have a more streamlined design. This can include models of toilets which can sit closer to the wall. This can allow savings of several inches which can make the room feel a little bigger. You will need to consider where the toilet drain is situated and this may limit the choices of designs which will fit into the space. Certain toilet designs feature a low tank which can create the appearance of using less space; there are also compact models which will take up less space. Consider what will fit into the space but will also look stylish.

Make Compromises

You may also be able to save space in your small bathroom by making some compromises. You could remove the bathtub and just have a shower cubicle which is an easy way to conserve some space. There are also smaller tubs available but you will have to forego the luxury of a whirlpool faucet. Bathtubs which are smaller than five feet in length will most probably spill and splash water which is sprayed through the whirlpool effect.

Limit the Clutter

The most effective way to save even more space is to limit the amount of cosmetics and accessories which are left in the bathroom. Countertops filled with clutter can make the space seem even smaller. This could be rectified by having a dressing area in your bedroom rather than keeping everything in the bathroom. You could also consider free floating cabinets in dead spaces such as above the toilet.

Keep the Color Scheme Simple

The final tip in remodeling a small bathroom is to keep the color scheme simple. You may be tempted to go for bold bright and busy designs but this will make the space feel smaller and more oppressive. Keep your scheme simple with a complementary color palette to make the space feel brighter, lighter and more open.

Remodeling a small bathroom can be a little challenging but with a little careful thought and considered planning, it is possible to create a space which feels more spacious yet remarkably functional. Take a little time to research the options available for fittings and innovative designs which can save space yet provide storage for all your bathroom accessories.

If you are interested in learning more about remodeling a smaller bathroom, or would like advice for fitting more appropriate fixtures into your small bathroom, contact us. We have a great deal of experience and expertise in all aspects of plumbing including fitting of new sinks, faucets and toilets and would be delighted to be of assistance.

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