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Customer Testimonials

We take our customer reviews very seriously, and have a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We’re not done, until you’re happy! See some of our reviews below. You can also click the Angie’s List icon to review our reviews there.

Thank you for your interest in services from Orange County Plumbing!

I’ve used Orange County Plumbing for years. They’ve completed several projects throughout the years. They’ve done work on our A/C, installed new toilets and new water heaters. Everything they do has been fantastic. They are very professional, personable and a top of the line company. They are good at scheduling. They are prompt and they are great at communicating.

— T.J. Brandt, Corona CA 92879

CLEAN, SMART AND PROFESSIONAL! I had Orange County Plumbing out to my home because my kitchen sink was backed up. They offered me a $99 dollar special to unclogg my drain. Orange County Plumbing’s Technicnans were very clean and knowlegable. John my technican also told me that they do heating and air and explained to me about maintenace for my furnace. I would recomend Orange County Plumbing to all my friends!

Great Deal!. The other day my kithen sink backed up, I looked online and I found Orange County Plumbing advertising a $99 dollar drain special. The phone repersentative was very nice and explained everything I needed to know to qualify for the special. My plumber John was very clean and professional he even wore shoe covers in my house so not to drag in any dirt. (this is a big deal for me since I am a clean freak). John cleared my drain and also signed me up for a heating and air conditioning maintenance. AWESOME JOB Orange County Plumbing!.

— Robert J.

Excellent Service. Just had Orange County Plumbing replace my 23 year old furnace and air conditioner. My furnace just quit on me and since I have no experience what so ever in buying something like this I was pretty apprehensive. I am very meticulous and picky when it comes to buying anything because I want to get what I pay for. I know there are companies everywhere that don’t care and will take advantage of anybody they can. So let me tell you I did my research on this company before I had them out to my home. I did see this negative review which was odd because I have seen many other reviews online that have shown the exact opposite.

My experience with Orange County Plumbing was exceptional and would recommend them to any of my family members or friends. They went above and beyond the service I was expecting; from beginning to end they kept to their agreement and time frames. Everything was extremely professional and was explained to me, in full detail, exactly what they would be doing, what it would cost and how long it would take.

I would also like to state that I had several companies out to my home before I made my decision and Orange County Plumbing was by far the most educated about their products and services. They were also not the cheapest however; I knew I was getting what I was paying for.

If you’re serious about investing in your home and making it a more comfortable place to live then this is defiantly the company for you. Lastly I would like to thank the whole staff at Orange County Plumbing for this wonderful experience I originally thought was going to be a huge headache. I hope this review helps thanks!

— Sam

Great Customer Service. If you’re looking for honesty and integrity at the right price for your plumbing needs this is the company to call. My tenants young daughter flushed the toilet and the the toilet handle got stuck and flooded the entire bathroom not to mention water damage to the ceiling, (as this was an upstairs bathroom). I called Orange County Plumbing and they were very courteous and promptly had someone come to the house to repair the toilet, clean up the flooring and managed the water damage. Since that time they have been out to unclog a bathtub and have replaced a couple of toilets. They have also serviced my air conditioning system. The service has always been very prompt, friendly and professional. Their pricing may not be the lowest, but you definitely get quality and experience, as they have been around for years. I understand this is a family owned business and they run it that way. I highly recommended them.

— Jen

Loved the service!. I have been using Orange County Plumbing for over 5 years now. Usually I use them for plumbing but I also have a heating agreement with them. Anyways this winter my furnace went out and Ruben came out to fix my unit. As always Orange County Plumbing maintains a high level of service while being extremely professional and clean at a very fair price. I love that I can call ONE company for all my home needs. Thanks Orange County Plumbing!

— Sara C

Dear Orange County Plumbing,

Just a little note to say a big THANK YOU to Shawn and all the guys who helped on this project. The AC has been great, as well as the heater.

Your company was so fast and efficient in getting everything done. We are new to the area, and it was good to find people like that who can be trusted and could back the work 100%.

Sorry for being so late with this little note of thank you, life takes over and we forget the things and people that work so hard to make our homes so comfortable.

Please post this on your website if you would like. I refer everyone I have gotten to know to your company.

Sincerely, Leticia Heafey

Beyond the customer satisfaction reply card we received and mailed, we are compelled to go on record with our tremendous appreciation for the work and ethics of Orange County Plumbing.

We were appalled to realize that there are other plumbing companies, such as the first one we called to come clear our sewer lines, who would go to such deceiving lengths to quote work that does not need to be done, who contended with their scam when we explained that their quote was more than I make in an entire month! Face to face with two of their representatives, I asked several times if their recommended repair was truly the only way to correct the blockage, and they stuck to their lies. They said that the blockage was beyond the length of their snake which they said was just over 100′ and that a new clean-out needed to be installed to be able to reach the blockage. Then they began destroying my herb garden to dig to reach the sewer line.

I felt uneasy about the first company on many levels so I called Orange County Plumbing the next morning before the first company could do anything more. I explained our situation and Michael responded professionally, without speaking negatively about the first company. He explained that he’d come to the property with a 200′ snake and if he couldn’t clear the blockage there’d be no fee. I paused and asked if a 200′ snake was standard in the industry. He explained that most of the larger companies would definitely have one!

Michael came to our property and was able to clear the blockage at 90′! Words cannot express how furious I am at the first company, or how grateful I am to know that Orange County Plumbing is an honest company with the highest integrity.

We will not only use Orange County Plumbing for all our plumbing needs from here on, we will recommend them every chance we get. As for the other company, I plan on using every available means to expose their fraud and help others from being so ruthlessly scammed.

We cannot commend Michael and the good people of Orange County Plumbing enough. Please make certain that this message is properly processed, and Orange County Plumbing properly recognized.

Sincerely, Pamela Christian

Really good work…Past efficiency test with flying colors…everything was done quickly and on time.

Michael Stouder – Aliso Viejo, CA

My wife was at home when the work was being done and she told me how happy she was about the service. I was very pleased with the timing since they had it done a day before we originally thought. The service defiantly exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely refer this company to any of my friends or family!

John Thorsen – Placentia, CA

They did some work on our water heater. They did a great job. They did everything they were supposed to do, when they said they were going to do it.

— Steven Spaulding, San Clemente, CA

They’ve completed a ton of work for our home and rental property. They have fixed several things for us. They’ve upgraded an air duct system, completed plumbing work, put in a new furnace and they also put in an alarm system on our sump pump. They are very thorough, I like that they have top of the line of anyting you need. If something goes wrong with anything they do, they are happy to come back to fix it. They are very accommodating to our needs. Everything has turned out very well, They are great people to work with.

— Mabelle Hueston, Corona Del Mar, CA

Thank you Orange County Plumbing! Just had a storm come through and it rained like crazy. My furnace went out on me and I was in desperate need for some heat. For some reason my house is like an ice box, anyways Ruben came to my rescue and fixed my furnace a great price and now I am very warm and happy!

They’ve completed several jobs for us. They’ve put in A/C and heating systems. They also do all of the plumbing work. They do a terrific job. They are prompt, clean and very thorough with what they do. They are expensive but you are paying for what you get, which is very good service.

— John Lundquist, Santa Ana, CA

Just had Orange County Plumbing out to my house to fix my leaking garbage disposal. Very pleased with the work that they did and the quality of the service. My plumbers name was AL and he was very professional from beginning to end. I will use them again in the future.

We called Orange County Plumbing Plumbing, Heating & A/C. We wanted to have our air and heating ducts cleaned. The lady that we spoke to said that they didn’t clean ducts, but she explained the duct cleaning steps we could do ourselves for free. I was incredibly impressed. If we needed to have anything done we would call them again in the future.

— Robert Bornemann, Lake Forest CA

They came out and took a look at our A/C unit because the air wasn’t working. It was great. They were really helpful and they got the air working!

— Tricia Yamada, Buena Park, CA 90620

They installed all of our A/C and heating untis in our home. It turned out great and everything still works great!

— Jack Eastin, Irvine, CA

Please Let Me Bottom Line You!!! The Truth and Facts are that Orange County Plumbing is by far The Best Service, The Best Price and is The Best Choice 4LIFE!!! We Love You Man!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Strength And Honor!!!

They came out to complete plumbing work. It worked out great. I would recommend them to others!”

— Ann O’Connell, Corona Del Mar, CA