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Drain Cleaning

Your drains face plenty of use and abuse over the years, and they should be cleaned out regularly in order to avoid serious plumbing problems. Various substances like grease and even soap can build up in your pipes, causing slow drainage at first, but eventually your pipes will backup if the buildup is allowed to reach severe levels.

Our technicians will clean all of your drains, from bathtubs and showers to kitchen sinks, toilets, and even storm drains.

If you have noticed that any drains in your home are beginning to drain more slowly than usual, call Orange County Plumbing today. It’s much easier to have your drains cleaned regularly than to deal with the problem created by a backed up line.

We offer these drain cleaning services in the Orange County area:

  • Bio-Clean – This blend of enzymes and bacteria provides an easy, efficient way to clean drains. Unlike the products you’ll find on the shelf at stores, this product is non-toxic. The bacteria found in Bio-Clean are not genetically engineered—they’re natural. In addition, the enzymes in this formula are the most powerful you’ll find on the market. We use Bio-Clean because it doesn’t create any heat, fumes, or boiling. It’s also harmless to humans and pipes because it doesn’t attack living tissue or inorganic materials. It only goes after organic waste like hair, grease, cotton, paper, and food particles. Bio-Clean turns waste into water, mineral ash, and carbon dioxide and enables it to run right out of your waste system without causing a fuss.
  • Rootx – If you have problems with roots getting into your sewage lines, then this product will take care of it. Rootx begins to foam as soon as it touches water so that it can get to the top of the pipe, which is where 90 percent of the roots are. It contains degreasing agents to remove grime and an herbicide that penetrates roots and kills them immediately. We use Rootx because it sticks to the walls of the pipes and prevents the roots from re-growing for up to three years.
  • Pipe Lining – Re-piping your entire system is very costly and time consuming, so we offer pipe lining instead. Our technicians can restore your corroded pipes without the time or expense involved in re-piping the entire system. Pipe lining is an excellent solution to corroded pipes because it’s less expensive than re-piping, although it is still a permanent solution.

Every drain needs to be cleaned from time to time, and at Orange County Plumbing, we can handle it for you quickly and efficiently. Call us today to discover why so many customers use our services over and over.

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