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Factors to Consider and Save Cost to Replace Sump Pump

Posted on: September 27th, 2013 by admin

With the wide variety of sump pumps available, many people fail to consider how well a particular pump will function in their particular circumstances. Considering a few factors will help ensure you select the correct pump for your requirements and save the cost to replace sump pump all over again.


There are a variety of different mechanisms which trigger the activation of the pump. These include:

  • Vertical Float- This is a ball which moves upwards or downwards on a vertical pole or rod. As the water level rises, the float is raised triggering a switch and activating the pump. As the level of water drops, the float then lowers. These tend to protected from movement obstruction but require the switch to be replaced frequently.
  • Tether Float- This is a free hanging float at the side of the pump. As the water level rises it carries the float higher which triggers the switch and the pump is activated. This type is usually the cheapest but the float can become obstructed with compromises the movement. The switches also tend to require to be more frequently replaced.
  • Probe- This allows the pump to be activated electronically as the probe measures the level of water pressure. These tend to be more expensive but require less servicing and provide a dependable action.
  • Diaphragm- This type of mechanism has a membrane which is located at the side of the pump. This is sensitive to changes in water pressure, concaving with increased water pressure and triggering the pump. Again, these types of pump require less servicing and are very dependable but are more expensive than float models.


Pumps can also use a variety of materials for their construction.

  • Thermoplastic provides a hard and durable casing which is cheaper and weighs less.
  • Metals: Stainless steel and cast iron or cast aluminum with cast iron do weigh more but they are durable enough to handle serious usage and they can last many years. This does entail a higher initial cost but they can provide a lifetime usage.


It is important to consider the capacity of the pump which is basically how much water can the pump move. As a general rule the higher the level of horse power, the more water the pump can move each minute or hour. There are a full range of different powered models available but while higher powered models can consistently handle a heavy water flow, lower powered models use significantly less electricity.


Some pumps are supplied with no warranty, a specified time period or a lifetime warranty. Although a pump with a warranty may be more expensive, it does indicate the level of confidence the manufacturer has in their product. The duration of the warranty is usually based on how long the manufacturer expects the product to continue working properly, so although a cheaper model may be available a model with a long warranty could save you further cost to replace sump pump later.

Although changing a sump pump can be a relatively easy task, it does represent an inconvenience as a sump pump will usually fail at an inappropriate time. Although there may be a temptation to purchase a cheap model, this may not be the most cost effective approach in the longer term. A good quality pump which is suited to your home’s individual requirements is likely to provide a greater level of protection for your home against water damage. A good quality pump with an adequate level of warranty will give you the assurance that your home is protected when heavy rains and stormy weather arrives.

If you are experiencing problems with your equipment please contact us for a quote on the cost to replace sump pump. We would also be happy to assist with any questions or queries you may have regarding sump pumps or another plumbing equipment.

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