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DIY Greenhouse Plumbing and Wiring: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on: February 21st, 2018 by admin

Applying the rightest plumbing and wiring for a DIY greenhouse can be very tricky. It can be simple or complicated depending on the budget you have and the size of your greenhouse. Applying independent wiring and plumbing is considered to be the best choice for a small greenhouse. But the point is planning the plumbing and wiring well before you decide to start the installation project. A detailed plan for the installation is really needed even before you start to build your greenhouse. Get to know more about the DIY greenhouse plumbing and wiring in this article.

Greenhouse Plumbing

The first thing will be discussed in this article is greenhouse plumbing. If you are kind of a busy people and do not have much time to watering your plants, applying system with drip irrigation can be the best choice for you. This system will enable you to do automatic watering that will really save your time. The misting system used in the drip irrigation will help you to keep the temperature in your greenhouse.

The system will also make it possible for you to improve humidity in your greenhouse which is very useful to create the condition for the optimum growth of the plants. The best way to apply the rightest plumbing for a greenhouse is by installing pipes under the floor of the greenhouse to carry the water. Make sure to create outlets at regular intervals at the various locations in the greenhouse. You also need to keep in mind to install the water pipes just before you build the greenhouse floor.

greenhouse plumbing

Greenhouse Electricity

The second discussion in this article is the electricity should be installed in a greenhouse. One or two light bulbs might be sufficient for a small greenhouse. But, a bigger greenhouse might need more than just one or two light bulbs. Thus automatic wiring can be the rightest choice for you to make your tasks for misting and watering can be much easier. The automatic electricity is also needed if you want to install some fans in your greenhouse in order to improve the circulation of the air inside it.

Unlike the simple DIY greenhouse plumbing and wiring that you can do by yourself, the installation of electricity for a greenhouse will require the help of professional electricians. Unlike the professional that help you with the installation of the electricity, your task is making detailed plans where you will place the electrical outlets such as heaters, watering system, fans, and misters. Just make sure that you also mark the place where you will install the light bulbs.

This is very important for you to plan and design everything before you focus on the foundation of the slab or installing the floor for your greenhouse. It will be better for you to separate the circuit breaker used for your greenhouse. This is aimed to make it easier for you to conduct repairs if there is any damage occurs. This is also useful make your main house has independent electricity installation that is separated from the greenhouse chores.

Installing greenhouse can be a big deal for us. The irrigation and wiring need to be applied systematically to make it succeeded. Therefore, you may need our assistance to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need our professional hands to install it.



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