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How to Keep your Drain Lines Clean

Posted on: December 8th, 2013 by admin

An important part of home maintenance is drain lines cleaning. It is true that you could pay for professionals but why not do it yourself to avoid its expense. A lot of homeowners would only think about their drain lines when problems occur and is usually a bit too late.

When problems arise in the drain lines looking for the service of a professional plumber would be a good option. But before you make that call, determine first if you could do the cleaning on your own. This option is good for people who prefer do-it-yourself remedy to plumbing issues and also for those who are budget conscious. (more…)

Top Ten Myths about Plumbing

Posted on: October 8th, 2013 by admin

Many homeowners don’t understand the complexity of the plumbing system of their home. This can lead to causing damage to your system when you consider myths about plumbing to be facts. Here are the top ten myths about plumbing. 1. Citrus fruits make a great cleaner for my garbage disposal and drains While citrus fruits taste and smell great, they are very acidic. If you attempt to use quantities of citrus fruits as a cleaner or deodorizer for your plumbing, you put the system at risk of rust or corrosion. This can cause a great deal of damage to metal piping. (more…)

Tankless Water Heaters Vs. Traditional Water Heaters

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by admin

When looking at replacing their water heater, many homeowners are confused between the different types of water heater which are available and which one would best suit their needs. Water heating systems usually fall into one of several categories: (more…)

Don’t leave the leaks unfixed

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by admin
Plumbing leaks at wall

Photo of plumbing leaks at wall. (Photo credit: britpres.co.uk)

Many feel it’s not an urgent issue to leave the plumbing leaks unfixed (see the photo above). But that’s just not right. The leak will not only cause severe damage to the wall decoration and plaster surface, but also mold will easily grow on your wall. (more…)

How to Replace Sump Pump

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by admin

Sump pumps can fail at the most inappropriate time such as during a storm or a holiday weekend. However the process of changing a sump pump is not as complex as you would think. There is a great variety of models of sump pump, but it is important to match the new pump to your needs. You should consider how far the pump has to push the water vertically, the size of sump pit and the rate of speed you expect the pump to move gallons of water each minute. (more…)

Factors to Consider and Save Cost to Replace Sump Pump

Posted on: September 27th, 2013 by admin

With the wide variety of sump pumps available, many people fail to consider how well a particular pump will function in their particular circumstances. Considering a few factors will help ensure you select the correct pump for your requirements and save the cost to replace sump pump all over again. (more…)

I have a frozen pipe problem, What should I do?

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by admin

Winters are bad enough and with extreme wind chill more than our bones can be rattled adding to unforeseen risks. An unexpected deep freeze or a sudden cold snap can cause pipes to freeze and burst. Risks run high when the temperature drops below freezing point and remains at a constant low for several days. Frozen pipes can cause major home disasters and should be taken care of in time. Most of the time we ignore small issues only to have something as big as frozen pipes burst into our lives and completely disrupt them. This is more common in colder climes but can happen even in the warmer states which see more than mild winters. In most cases some very simple steps can go a long way to prevent this problem. (more…)

Getting Know to Water Heaters

Posted on: September 20th, 2013 by admin

It is important to choose the right water heater for your home, one which would provide you with ample hot water whenever you need it and do so with maximum energy efficiency. The chief function of the water heater is to increase the temperature of the incoming cold water from the municipal source. The hot water is then stored in the tank and evenly distributed for use in various portions of the household through kitchens and bathrooms. Choosing the right water heater would mean checking and determining the size, make, fuel source, comparing prices as well as maintenance required for each type. (more…)

Detecting Leaks in Toilet

Posted on: September 17th, 2013 by admin

You know your toilet is leaking, but not sure where it is coming from?

Leaks in the toilet are leading reasons for a high water bill. It is easy to see if a faucet is dripping and get it fixed in time. But a slow and silent leak in the toilet is not always obvious and can lead to major leakage over a period of time without one realizing it. This not only leads to major water wastage but also a whopping water bill which can severely cripple your finances. An estimated 1 trillion gallon water leakage happens all over American annually while the monthly leakage figures can range from anywhere between 300 gallons to 60,000 gallons depending on whether it is a slow leak or a running toilet. (more…)

When You Have a Plumbing Leak Overnight or In Emergency State

Posted on: May 13th, 2013 by admin

There is never a good time for a plumbing leak, but it is even worse if a plumbing leak occurs overnight or in an emergency state. The best thing that you can do to deal with an emergency plumbing leak is to be prepared. A little knowledge about your home and its plumbing system can help you to cope with a plumbing leak until a professional plumber can arrive to fix the problem. (more…)